Add Some Heat from Culinary Farms’ New Chile Pastes

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What’s hot right now? Foods infused with Culinary Farms new Chile pastes. They add flavorful sizzle and wow to almost any food item.

Culinary Farms, based in Woodland, CA, is a well-regarded producer of distinctive, premium quality dried food ingredients. All of their frozen pastes are processed in-house to assure greater control over product quality and inventory availability. This capability enables Culinary Farms to produce a wide range of pastes to satisfy different desired ingredient compositions and flavor profiles. All their pastes are frozen for maximum shelf life and flavor retention. Upon thawing, the pastes are easy to use and blend quickly with other ingredients, making them an excellent ingredient format for bases, soups, sauces and dressings.

Available products include:

Chi-Sing Hot Paste – Blended to impart bold garlicky and vinegar-aged chili pepper flavors that are balanced by hints of onion and vegetal notes. Color is bright red.

Chipotle Adobo Paste – Pungent heat of freshly smoked chipotle peppers complemented by sweet onions and garlic to create a Latin-inspired flavor profile. Color is dark red.

Pickled Jalapeno Paste – Pungent flavor typical of freshly pickled Jalapeño peppers. Color is dark reddish-brown.

Sriracha Paste – Mellow, sweet-chili flavor with garlicky and umami aftertaste. Color is a rich, deep red.

Natural Onion Puree – Fresh raw onion pungency and flavor with slight bitter sharpness. The color of this puree is in-between off-white and beige.

Please contact Skidmore Sales for samples or additional information on these new products.