Kalsec Expands Expeller-Pressed Spice and Herb Extracts with Simpler Labels

Responding to consumer demand for simpler, natural ingredients, Kalsec has expanded its line of expeller-pressed spice and herb extracts. Kalsec expeller-pressed extracts are manufactured in their Denver City, Texas facility to maintain the highest standards in color, flavor and composition.

Kalsec’s specially, patented process captures the true essence of the spices and herbs. “Our technology is quite sophisticated, but the concept of expeller pressing dates back to early times,” says Kalsec CEO, George Todd. The time-honored method involves mechanical pressing of the spices and herbs and requires no organic solvents in the extraction process.

In addition, unique, consumer-friendly “artisan” style labeling, such as “expeller-pressed celery,” may be possible with these Kalsec extracts.

The Kalsec expeller-pressed product line now includes anise, capsicum, celery, chipotle, coriander, cumin, dill, fennel, jalapeno, mace and paprika. In addition to being Organic Suitable and non-GMO, all these products are acceptable under the Whole Foods Market standards, have excellent microbial stability, and come in a convenient liquid form. This makes these products an appropriate alternative to CO2 extracted products.

Please contact Skidmore Sales for samples or additional information.