Consider Switching to OptiSol® 1000 Egg Replacer for Sauces and Salad Dressings

For years, food manufacturers have valued the function, flavor, and nutritional benefits of whole dried eggs and egg yolk. However, the recent egg shortage and subsequent price volatility of eggs has made decision-making in production, sales, and marketing planning extremely difficult for many businesses. Now, more than ever, manufacturers are seeking cost-effective solutions for replacing eggs, but without sacrificing the functional, nutritional, and flavor benefits that are so essential to their products.

Glanbia‘s OptiSol ® 1000 Egg Replacer is a price-stable, high-protein, highly functional egg replacement system designed to give salad dressing and sauce manufacturers the benefits of eggs while eliminating many of their drawbacks. In tests, after formulation in a full, fat, egg-free salad dressing, OptiSol® 1000 showed exceptional potential as a highly functional, clean label, and cost-stable egg replacer, and for being superior to eggs in several important respects. Also, when substituted for eggs at 1:1, it provided more texture and body than liquid eggs; while demonstrating increased stability compared to both whole eggs and egg yolks, and it imparted less yellow color.

OptiSol® 1000 Egg Replacer is a high-fat whey protein concentrate with unique properties. It offers increased thermal stability, excellent emulsion stability, fat-like character, fat mimetic properties for low-fat applications, freeze/thaw stability, a wider range of salt tolerances, water binding capability, cleaner flavor, added opacity, improved hydration, and enhanced mouth-feel.

If you’re looking for the function, nutrition, and flavor of eggs, please contact Skidmore Sales for more information on Glanbia’s OptiSol® 1000 Egg Replacer.

Kalsec Awarded Organic Certification in its Denver City, TX and Kalamazoo, MI Facilities

Kalsec is proud to announce its Denver City, TX plant has earned organic certification by Oregon Tilth Certified Organic (OTCO). This documentation meets both the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) National Organic Program (NOP) and the European Union Standards. This achievement was shared recently by its Kalamazoo, MI facility which also earned organic certification by OTCO in 2015.

Kalsec’s Denver City, TX facility specializes in the cultivation, harvest, dehydration and extraction of paprika, rosemary and carrot, as well as specialty herbs and spices. Known for leading the industry in innovative natural ingredients and sustainable processing practices in the manufacture of expeller pressed spice and herb extracts; this plant’s broad expeller pressed product line includes specialty pepper extracts: ancho, capsicum, cayenne, chipotle, ghost, guajillo, habanero, jalapeno and pasilla.

By achieving these organic certifications, Kalsec now has the ability to expand its naturally-sourced ingredient portfolio to meet the increasing demand for cleaner label ingredients. This organic certification adds to Kalsec’s reputation for delivering consistent, high-quality, innovative ingredient solutions that ensure products look and taste better, and last even longer.

Please contact Skidmore Sales for samples of Kalsec’s Organic line of products.

Now Distributing Kerry Savory Broth Solutions & KFI Savory Flavors

 Skidmore Sales is pleased to begin a new partnership with Kerry, a well-respected global taste and nutrition company. With over 25,000 employees on six continents, Kerry has been delighting and nourishing consumers across the globe for 40 years with food products that people enjoy and make them feel better. With a focus on Taste and Nutrition, Kerry has followed changing consumer needs to create more authentic and delicious taste experiences with a vital feel-good factor provided by its nutritional science expertise.

In June 2015, Kerry acquired the entire KFI Savory Flavor portfolio, formerly the US-based savory flavor business of Kraft Food Ingredients. With this acquisition, Kerry has expanded its relationship with Skidmore so we can offer even more to our customers. Now, in addition to these great KFI savory solutions, Skidmore has begun distributing Kerry’s broth flavor solutions which are an ideal technology for meals, sauce and meat customers.

In addition to delivering a more authentic taste, Kerry’s chicken, beef, turkey and vegetable broth flavors offer a variety of supply chain advantages while achieving a clean, consumer friendly label. In addition, all of these products have a 12 month ambient shelf life and offer 4-6X concentration.

For additional information on these Kerry’s products and their applications, please contact Skidmore Sales.