June 2016 – GPC Showcases Food Science Student Competition Winners – IFT ’16, Booth 2812

GPC Showcases Food Science Student Competition Winners – Booth 2812

Grain Processing Corporation is proud to announce an exciting collaboration with Iowa State University that provided food science students with a hands-on product development learning experience. The GPC Ingredient Application Challenge required student teams to conceptualize and execute a product demo featuring GPC’s premier MALTRIN® maltodextrins and specialty starches. Entries were judged on several criteria including the appropriate use of industrial ingredients, formulation details, the learning gained from the development process, creativity, presentation and, of course, taste. The six-week Challenge culminated in March at a finale event held on-campus, with the winning appetizer concept from the competition to be showcased at IFT’16.

The winner, a Coconut Curry Chicken Rice Cup features PURE-GEL® modified starch in the filling for stabilized viscosity. PURE-GEL® starches provide superior stability in refrigeration, freeze/thaw, high heat and acid and shear conditions. A second entry from the Challenge will also be featured to demonstrate the coating properties of INSTANT PURE-COTE® film-forming starch. These Chickpea Fries will be accompanied by a Sriracha Pineapple Dipping Sauce.

When visiting the GPC booth at IFT’16 to view these winners, we invite you to toast the tasty appetizers with a Mocktail utilizing MALTRIN QD® (quick dispersing) maltodextrin. This premium, agglomerated maltodextrin quickly disperses to add body and build mouth-feel in the beverage.

Please contact your Skidmore Sales representative for samples or additional information.

June, 2016 – Ohly Introduces New SAV-R-SWEET – IFT ’16 Booth 4068

Ohly is pleased to unveil its exciting, new SAV-R-SWEET at IFT’16 ahead of its official launch this fall. SAV-R-SWEET is a natural and clean solution that provides food and beverage items with reduced sugar content without compromising its taste when the sugar has been replaced by a sweetener (mainly Stevia). Now with the addition of SAV-R-SWEET, the bitter aftertaste caused by high concentrations of steviol glycosides is countered by eliminating or reducing of any the steviol glycoside-related off-taste, while balancing the sweet taste and the fruitiness in food or beverage compositions.

SAV-R-SWEET is stable under a variety of process conditions such as pH, temperature, holding time and during the long storage time of the final food product or beverage. Also, it provides a unique, more effective bitter taste masking property when compared to other high nucleotides yeast products and only a very low dosage (approx.0.003%) is required to mask any bitterness or licorice notes. This allows for a further reduction of the sugar content (up to 10% absolute) in food and beverages without compromising on taste.

SAV-R-SWEET is a high peptide and high 5′ nucleotide yeast extract that is 100% soluble in water and forms a transparent solution. It’s characterized by a neutral (not yeasty) flavor at a low dosage and can be labelled as a natural flavoring, which permits its use in dairy, fruit preparations, confectionery and beverages without any concern.

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May, 2016 – More Options for Clean Label Phosphate Replacement in Meat and Poultry

The growing concern from consumers about their health and overall wellbeing is driving the increased demand for clean label phosphate replacements and sodium reduction in products such as meat and poultry. In response, Fiberstar‘s Citri-Fi® 100, a non-GMO, natural citrus functional flour is being produced using a clean and patented process that keeps the insoluble and soluble fibers and protein intact. This product’s unique composition provides multiple functionalities that range from water binding to natural emulsification properties; and because it is a natural ingredient, it can be labeled as dried citrus pulp, citrus flour or citrus fiber. All of these benefits have positively elevated its profile within the clean label market.
Citri-Fi’s high water holding capacity, low viscosity and small particle size; make Citri-Fi 100M40 the ideal citrus flour product for reducing phosphates and potentially sodium inpoultry products. This dual benefit was demonstrated recently in two different meat studies conducted at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Iowa State University.
These University studies concluded:
  • Citri-Fi usage rates are less than 0.5%
  • Citri-Fi can be added directly to brine solutions while mixing or added as a dry blend with other ingredients
  • Improved yields and reduced purge provided cost savings
  • The finished product produced excellent sensory results – juicy, moist and tender
  • Complete phosphate replacement was achievable when using Citri-Fi in conjunction with rice starch or carrageenan
Please contact your Skidmore Sales representative for product samples or more information about the Phosphate and Sodium Reduction University Studies.

July, 2016 – Skidmore Continues to Grow

The Skidmore goal is very simple: continue to be a valued partner to our customers and suppliers. We provide technical solutions and exemplary service to meet the needs of food and beverage processors. To ensure we continue to exceed our customers’ service expectations in the very fast-paced Midwest region, we are proud to announce the addition of two new representatives to the Skidmore lineup.
Jan Miller joined the Skidmore team in June, and will be handling the Chicago area sales territory. She comes to us from International Dehydrated Foods (IDF) after 22 years in different sales positions and most recently an Account Executive and Director of Global Accounts. “I am delighted to join Skidmore Sales, and excited about returning to my Chicago customers. I look forward to building my business relationships with creative food ingredient solutions,” Miller explained.
Derek Christiansen re-joined our sales team in July after previously working with us from 2009 – 2012. He was most recently a Technical Account Manager at Wixon. His current sales territory includes parts of Illinois, Eastern Missouri and Southern Indiana. Derek has a Bachelor’s degree in Meat Science from the University of Wisconsin.

Skidmore President, Jim McCarthy, said “We are thrilled that Jan and Derek have joined the Skidmore family. Their wealth of experience and industry knowledge will add extensively to our Skidmore team and to the value they will bring to our customers. We are committed to provide our customers with the best service and support for their food ingredient requirements, by providing both a broad line of products and an experienced and knowledgeable sales staff to assist in their product development needs.”

For more information on Skidmore or to identify the representative in your area, visit us atwww.skidmore-sales.com.