December, 2016 – Skidmore is Keeping Our Eye on Emerging Industry Trends

With year after year consumer demand for healthy, safe food options continuing to grow, food manufacturers are focusing on two key areas in 2017:
  • Alternative Sources for Proteins
  • Products for Food Protection.
You might think after 2016 was named the “International Year of Pulses” by the UN that interest in pulses would taper off as this year reaches its conclusion. But, the reverse is true. Demand for diets rich in plant-based proteins is still growing strong. Recent studies have shown consumers who identify as “flexitarians” (those cutting back on their meat intake), are on the rise. Innova Market Insights reports 11% of US consumers have decreased their meat intake in the past year, and more than 120 million Americans can now be considered flexitarian.
Many experts report that US consumers are moving away from dieting fads and are making a conscious effort to be more knowledgeable of the foods they eat. They are actively monitoring news sources for new product innovations, and recalls, alike.  With today’s mass media outlets and heavy social media traffic, manufacturers cannot risk the potential fallout of a food safety event.
In addition to offering a wide variety of pulses and vegetable protein products, including both gluten-free and non-GMO ingredients; Skidmore also has a broad mix of the ingredients that manufacturers need to ensure product safety and exceed consumer expectations. From acidulants to antimicrobials, we offer food protection ingredients from all the major suppliers so your products can be safe for your customers. Additionally, we continually track emerging industry developments worldwide to ensure the right ingredients are properly sourced for your next innovation.

December, 2016 – Ingredion: Meeting the Growing Demand for Vegetable Proteins

Buoyed by the steady increase in consumer demand for alternative sources of protein, new product developers are turning their attention to pulses. In addition to their high protein content, pulses also provide many of the vitamins and nutrients that are essential to a healthy diet, including zinc, iron, and amino acids.  These nutritional benefits go a long way towards satisfying consumers’ desires for healthy food options in restaurants and grocery stores.
Ingredion understands the important role pulses play in the “healthy living” lifestyles of today’s consumers, and has the solutions new product developers need.  Click here to see how pulses stack up, and for more information how these products from Ingredion will help you meet this growing demand.

December, 2016 – How to Improve Food Protection in the New Year

With the right food protection ingredients, you will have a greater chance to significantly increase the reliability and safety of your products as well as positively impact your business. By guarding the health and well-being of your customers, these products will also protect your brand and company image.
DuPont is committed to producing high performing food protection ingredients that: meet today’s regulations for clean and clear labelling, satisfy rigorous shelf life requirements, provide acceptable and improved sensory performance, and deliver improved food safety. See below for more details on the multiple benefits you can expect from these ingredients.
Clean Label: Provides multiple and flexible clean and clear label solutions that offer value to your business with a short and recognizable ingredient list that meets your customers’ desires for better authenticity and transparency.
Shelf Life: Keeps foods fresher for a longer periods of time with the added value of increasing the geographic reach of products, while maintaining and exceeding the quality expectations of the food over the desired, expected shelf life.
Sensory Performance: Due to their multi-functional properties, flavors and colors are not only enhanced, they are simultaneously protected against undesirable flavor and color changes, so your customers’ sensory experiences are improved and the ingredient list is kept short and transparent.
Food Safety: The right food protection program not only ensures safe and high quality food products, it also brings more value to your total food safety strategy of protecting your brand image while safeguarding the well-being of your customers.

January, 2017 – Skidmore Welcomes New Customer Service Representatives

Skidmore is committed to providing top-notch, responsive customer service.   We are pleased to announce the growth of this essential team.
Emily Pesnichak joined the Skidmore team in November, 2016.  Before Skidmore, Emily refined her customer service skills while working for major corporations such as Planes Moving and Storage and American Modern Insurance.   Beyond her resume, she takes deep pride in going the extra mile to make sure the customer has a pleasant experience and their needs are met.  We are certain customers will find Emily to be an impressive add to our customer service line-up.
We’re also excited to introduce Ollie Heichelbech as the newest member to our team. As a 17-year customer service veteran, previously working for Bakery Craft and Avon, she knows how to be valuable resource by understanding her customer’s needs, acting nimbly, communicating promptly and building rapport with customers. Ollie prides herself in providing the best possible service to our customers during each interaction. “My passion is keeping the customer happy,” she shared. And, we are positive Skidmore customers will enjoy working with her, too.

January, 2017 – Ingredion Fibers Balance Taste and Nutritional Benefits

Ingredion recently introduced their new dietary fibers line, Versafibe™ to appeal to consumers seeking more fiber in their diet. Originally developed as a low cost-in-use dietary fiber for food manufacturers looking to add fiber and reduce calories in applications, the Versafibe™ line will also help you create labels that feature claims such as: “good source of fiber,” or “excellent source of fiber.”
Fiber-rich Versafibe™ is specially formulated to “deliver just the right taste and texture,” in low moisture applications such as breads, crackers, cereals, cookies, pasta, noodles, and other extruded products. It’s ideal in applications when high-temperature and shear processing are required.
  • Versafibe™ 1490 is a grain-free potato based dietary fiber with a total dietary fiber content (dry basis) of 90%.
  • Versafibe™ 2470 is a corn-based dietary fiber with a total fiber content (dry basis) of 70%.
Please contact your Skidmore Sales representative for samples or additional information.

February, 2017 – Skidmore Introduces New Overview Brochure

Skidmore Introduces New Overview Brochure

Choosing the right food ingredient distributor to meet all your needs can be a daunting experience. What makes one better than the rest? Skidmore has the answers you’re seeking!

Whether you’re looking for on-trend, hard-to-find ingredients or need your ingredients on time AND delivered in-full when you expect them; our new brochure details our wide array of products and describes all our services which go above and beyond a traditional distributor. This convenient six-page brochure outlines our excellent “perfect order” rates, tailor-made warehousing and logistics strategies, unmatched breadth of on-trend ingredients, and much more.

There are many reasons to choose Skidmore. Download the brochure and see for yourself what sets Skidmore apart from others. You may even learn a few new things about Skidmore, too.


Please contact your Skidmore representative for samples or additional information.

February, 2017 – Ohly Introduces New Non-GMO ProDry® Cayenne Pepper Sauce Powder

Ohly’s ProDry® products are unique dry flavorings that retain the full flavor profile of their original form combined with the benefit of a free flowing powder. Made from aged cayenne pepper hot sauce, NGMOP ProDry® Cayenne Pepper will help differentiate your hot and spicy flavored products with the unique Cayenne character that consumers are seeking. It also appeals to the strong market demand for non-genetically modified food.

“Our ProDry® range continues to grow as customers appreciate the authentic flavor in a very easy to process form. Our Cayenne Pepper Sauce Powder NGMOP brings even greater diversity and choice for manufacturers using international flavor accents in their products while giving credit to consumer preferences for non-genetically modified ingredients,” says Jay Wickeham, General Manager, Ohly Americas.

This ready to use seasoning is ideal for carefully calibrating flavor levels from subtle to impactful in a varied range of products including dry mixes, sauces, topical applications, seasoning blends, coatings and glazes. This light red powder with its clean, aged, cayenne pepper sauce flavor offers many other beneficial features, too:

* Easy to incorporate
* Readily dissolves in water
* Six times longer shelf life than liquids

* Simple handling and a more consistent end-product

Please contact your Skidmore representative for product samples.

February, 2017 – Glanbia Nutritionals Expands BevWise Portfolio

New BevWise A-120W from Glanbia is a patented whey protein isolate system that offers a clean label solution for optimal protein content, flavor expression and clarity in high-acid beverages. Pre-acidified with citric acid, BevWise A-120W is an excellent clean label protein solution and a prefect ingredient choice for discerning consumers.

Like other BevWise ingredients, BevWise A-120W is perfectly suited to optimize the flavor and protein content of RTD beverages and is specially formulated to perform at a particular pH level, from high acid to neutral. Formatted to maintain its nutritional integrity across a wide range of processing methods, BevWise A-120W can give your RTD beverages the functionality and performance they need to stand out in the marketplace.

New BevWise A-120W offers many other beneficial features, too:

* Clean label
* Optimal protein delivery
* Better dispersion
* Better clarity
* Better stability
* Excellent flavor
* Reduced cost
* Reduced process time
* Superior nutritional integrity

* Less foam

Please contact your Skidmore representative for product samples or more information.

February, 2017 – Ingredion Announces Nine Additions to Non-GMO Project Verification

Ingredion Incorporated has added nine products to their other sweetener, texturizer and nutrition solutions that have achieved Non-GMO Project Verified status, bringing their total Non-GMO Project Verified ingredient solutions to 57.

The Non-GMO Project ( offers independent verification for products made according to rigorous best practices for GMO (genetically modified organisms) avoidance. These verified products are produced in compliance with the Non-GMO Project Standard, which means that ongoing testing of all GMO risk ingredients, facility inspections and an annual audit ensure Ingredion meets the highest standards currently available for GMO avoidance.

The following have been added to Ingredion’s growing list of Non-GMO Project Verified products:

* GLOBE 10 DE Maltodextrin NON GMO IP
* GLOBE 15 DE Maltodextrin NON GMO IP
* GLOBE 18 DE Maltodextrin NON GMO IP
* ULTRA-CRISP® CS corn starch
* NOVATION PRIMA® 340, instant functional native starch
* NOVATION PRIMA 350, instant functional native starch
* NOVATION PRIMA 300, functional native starch
* NOVATION PRIMA 600, functional native starch
* NOVATION ENDURA® 0100 functional native starch

This Non-GMO Project Verification underscores Ingredion’s TRUETRACE™ traceability program, which protects the purity of the company’s non-GMO offerings via, third-party-audited best practices for segregation and documentation of non-GMO corn.

“We are pleased to receive additional Non-GMO Project Verification, which adds another layer of trust to Ingredion’s long non-GMO track record and broad portfolio of ingredients,” said Igor Playner, Ingredion’s Vice President of Innovation and Strategy. “As consumer demand for non-GMO products continues to grow, manufacturers can respond with products made from our Non-GMO Project Verified ingredient solutions that meet consumer demand for clean and simple labels and deliver on the sensory experience, including taste, texture and sweetness; consumers expect, with the convenience and performance manufactures require.”

Ingredion manufactures its non-GMO maltodextrins in North America, which allows shorter lead times. The NOVATION functional starches enable food manufacturers to develop clean label foods that keep their indulgent textures following cold temperature storage. The starches offer a wide range of process tolerance and stability advantages in applications such as dressings, sauces, ready meals, yogurts and dairy desserts.

According to Mintel GNPD, non-GMO product launches with sweeteners as an ingredient have been on the rise since 2009.
Please contact your Skidmore representative for product samples.

February, 2017 – Ingredion’s New NOVATION PRIMA® 340 and 350 Extend Cold Shelf Stability & Offer Clean Labels

After two years of research and development at Ingredion Idea Labs™, instant NOVATION PRIMA® 340 functional native starch becomes the first pre-gelatinized starch, proven to maintain or even improve indulgent textures in instant and frozen foods. Instant NOVATION PRIMA® 350 functional native starch meets the high dispersibility requirements you may have. Both deliver instant viscosity and improved tolerance to acid and shear as well as exceptional freeze/thaw stability for a wide range of instant and frozen products so they keep their indulgent textures longer and feature the clean labels consumers are looking for.

With instant NOVATION PRIMA® 340 and 350 functional native starches instant dressings and sauces can maintain their creamy consistency and smooth sheen, fruit preparations look just-made and your product labels are clean with simple, recognized ingredients. And, because of their instant viscosity, products can achieve smooth textures quickly and consistently with reduced or no cooking time, cut production costs and improve supply chain flexibility; while treating consumers to the quality and freshness that can set your brand apart.

New instant NOVATION PRIMA® 340 and 350 functional native starches offer many other beneficial features, too:

* Cold water swelling (CWS) instant viscosity
* Freeze/thaw stability
* Smooth texture
* High process tolerance
* Stability at low pH
* Moisture management during storage
* Bland flavor

* Corn starch on label

With these NOVATION PRIMA® starches, you can offer your consumers a high-quality eating experience with products that keep their indulgent textures from freezer to refrigerator and back again, while achieving superior freeze/thaw stability and longer cold shelf life in a wide range of applications including:

* Refrigerated dressings
* Dips and spreads
* Sauces, glazes and marinades
* Fruit preparations
* Cream and fruit pie fillings
* Fresh pasta fillings Frozen and refrigerated prepared meals

* Instant dairy desserts.

Please contact your Skidmore representative for product samples.