March, 2017 – Skidmore Expansion Update

We are nearly half-way through another major expansion project in our Cincinnati, Ohio, headquarters.  This month, we moved into our new office space to make way for a complete renovation of our existing offices.  When complete, the newly modernized space will total nearly 22,500 sq. ft.
“This expansion was triggered by Skidmore’s steady growth over the past several years and is intended to help us meet the increased demand for more flexible meeting spaces that will allow us to host suppliers and customers on site.  The additional square footage also gives us more space options when hiring new staff members necessary to continue to exceed our customer’s expectations,” explained Jim McCarthy, President.
We anticipate all construction will be completed by the end of the third quarter this year.

March, 2017 – Tate & Lyle’s Newest Sweetening Innovation

New DOLCIA PRIMA® Allulose is a great-tasting sweetening option that provides the full taste and enjoyment of sugar, without all the calories. DOLCIA PRIMA® Allulose also delivers bulking and sweetness in food products while reducing calories, allowing it to be used in many applications that conventionally employ nutritive and non-nutritive sweeteners.
Allulose was first identified in wheat in the 1930s; and since then, has been found in figs, raisins, and maple syrup. Offering the uncompromised taste and mouthfeel of sugar, but without all the calories or glycemic impact; Allulose also behaves like sugar in a variety of applications, making formulation easier for food and beverage manufacturers.
Key characteristics and benefits of DOLCIA PRIMA® Allulose include:
  • Provides about 70% of the sweetness of sucrose, on a dry solids basis
  • Performs like a sugar in formulations and delivers the same temporal profile as sucrose
  • Provides a synergistic functionality with sugars and other sweeteners, creating an even better sweetening system
  • Products formulated with DOLCIA PRIMA® Allulose rank at parity with full-calorie products in preference tests across a range of products, including ice cream, cookies, beverages, bread, and pastries
  • Is well tolerated and has been shown to have no effect on blood glucose levels
  • Meets the specifications set forth in GRN 400 and GRN 498, and is therefore generally recognized as safe (GRAS)
DOLCIA PRIMA® Allulose is available in syrup and crystalline formats, and can be used in a variety of food and beverage categories.
Please contact your Skidmore representative for samples or additional information.

March, 2017 – Fiberstar Promotes Citri-Fi® 100M40 as a Clean label Ice Cream Stabilizer

Natural citrus fiber, Citri-Fi 100M40, can be used to replace some industry ice cream stabilizer systems to improve product quality and label declaration. This application comes at a time when consumers are demanding more natural products with cleaner labels. Recent product testing compared Citri-Fi 100M40 against two well-established stabilizer/emulsifier blends in 10% fat vanilla hard pack ice cream. After several months of frozen storage, this natural citrus fiber exhibited several benefits over the other two products:
  • Reduced ice crystal formation
  • Heat shock or freeze/thaw stability
  • Natural smooth, short and soft texture
  • Clean finish on the palate
  • Reduced melt time
This non-GMO, non-allergenic, natural citrus fiber can be used at 0.2% to 0.4% in the formulation of ice cream or other potential frozen applications including sherbet and fruit-based bars. To incorporate, Citri-Fi 100M40 can be pre-mixed into the formula’s dry ingredients or added under high shear into liquid ingredients. This product can be labeled as citrus fiber, dried citrus pulp or citrus flour which resonates well in the clean label market.
Please contact your Skidmore representative for product samples or more information.

March, 2017 – Firebird Artisan Mills Meeting Growing Gluten-Free Demand

Consumers are increasingly seeking new products that include “free-from” claims. Interestingly, many food advertising campaigns feature messages that focus on the ingredients that are NOT contained in the products, rather than those that are.
Industry intelligence experts and ingredient manufacturers have consistently reported this growth trend over the past couple of years and it’s further confirmed in the latest reports from Mintel which show a continuing increase in gluten-free food sales, particularly for energy bars and snacks. According to SPINS data, the sales of shelf-stable chips, pretzels and snacks labeled gluten-free grew 26 percent from 2015 to 2016; and the next-highest snack and bakery growth category was wellness bars and gels, which are up over 25 percent.
“We’re seeing a more ‘preventative’ mindset developing among shoppers, which means they want to make every bite nutritional as well as enjoyable. To take advantage of that mind shift, bakers should look to the nutritional profile as well as the flavor profile of pulses, ancient grains and seeds. Adding these items to your formulation can boost protein and fiber counts while adding unique flavors.” says Chris Krenzel, Sales Director at Firebird Artisan Mills, a certified gluten-free mill.
“Weekend breakfast breads using reduced sugar, or natural sugar sources like fruits and honey, allow consumers to indulge responsibly. We’re also starting to see an increase in allergen-free bread and high protein breads for breakfast.
As the demand for “free-from” products continues to grow, it’s important for bakers and snack manufacturers to develop products that satisfy this demand,” Krenzel added.
Firebird Artisan Mills’ offers a complete line of gluten-free flours and mixes that are ideal for the “free-from” formulations that consumers are seeking, and their portfolio includes more than 40 different gluten-free flours and blends, including ancient grains, pulses and starches.
Skidmore offers gluten free products in nearly all of our 70 product categories.  To learn more about our gluten-free offerings, download our overview brochure.
Please contact your Skidmore representative for product samples or additional information.

April, 2017 – Ingredion i2s Brief to Learn What Consumers Want to Know on Labels

Have you ever wondered how your customers decide what foods to purchase, and which ones to put back on their store’s shelf? Do you know what drives their purchase decisions? Fortunately, Ingredion Idea Labs™ has recently taken a deeper look into these subjects and shared the research findings in their latest i2s Labs brief, The Rise of Clean LabelsFor the past five years, Ingredion has surveyed and analyzed consumer attitudes on clean labels in 17 countries around the world to help add dimension to the megatrend of consumers becoming increasingly aware of what they put on and in their bodies. Ingredion’s newest brief offers a snapshot of 2015 results from the perspective of U.S. consumers.
The brief outlines some very interesting findings that may change the way you think about labeling. For instance, according to Ingredion’s survey results, the word “natural” beats the phrase “no artificial ingredients” in labeling appeal. The survey also identified ingredients with which consumers are familiar, as well as those ingredients they indicated are unfamiliar to them. Natural flavors, antioxidants and natural colors topped the “familiar” list, while Guar gum, maltodextrin and many others populated the “unfamiliar” list.
Please contact your Skidmore representative for additional information.

April, 2017 – Glanbia’s New Freeze Dried Cheese Delivers More Protein and New Product Opportunities

Called by some a “Super Food,” cheese has long been recognized as a powerful source of essential nutrients, including calcium and protein. “Cheese is a versatile ingredient, add it to any dish and it just gets better. As a result, we have customers seeking out new ways to incorporate cheese as a nutritional source, too,” said Whitney Beem, Marketing Director of Cheese at Glanbia Nutritionals.
In answer to customers who are seeking new ways to use cheese, Glanbia Nutritionals has launched a shelf stable, protein-packed natural shredded cheese that offers versatility in both formulation and flavor. The process to make freeze dried cheese at Glanbia Nutritionals is 100% natural and amplifies the protein using award winning cheese.  “Freeze drying, also known as lyophilization technology precisely dehydrates fresh natural shredded cheese in a specialized commercial dryer,” Beem explained.
Freeze dried cheese is not new to the market; it is currently used primarily in survival kits or emergency food storage meals, but the way it is currently used is limited. “Currently the freeze dried food market is about a $1.4 Billion a year market with 4% annual growth. There is great opportunity to develop new cheese products using freeze dried technology, especially given the fact that freeze dried cheese triples the level of protein found in standard cheddar cheese by sheer concentration,” said Michael Levine, Product Director of Cheese at Glanbia Nutritionals.
As the world’s largest American style cheese maker, Glanbia Nutritionals believes this product can be used in more mainstream applications such as nutrition bars, soups, and snack foods. Currently, Glanbia Nutritionals offers freeze dried cheddar, but will begin offering freeze dried shredded mozzarella, cubed cheddar, and cubed mozzarella in the future.
Please contact your Skidmore representative for product samples or more information.

April, 2017 – Tate & Lyle MULTIVANTAGE® Syrup Delivers More Flavor and Functionality

Tate & Lyle’s new, MULTIVANTAGE® Syrup (MVS) helps reduce the overall sugars content of many popular foods, while maintaining the flavor and texture as a traditional corn syrup – and that’s because it is corn syrup. Using a patented production technology, MVS’s sugars content is reduced to 15% mono and disaccharides on a dry solid basis while retaining, and in some applications, improving overall functionality.
MVS can be used with all the same equipment, so there is little to no need for a change in your manufacturing process. It also labels exactly the same as a “corn syrup,” which potentially results in a clean label that consumers increasingly prefer. As the only reduced-sugars corn syrup that retains low-viscosity, versatile MULTIVANTAGE® Syrup is perfect for reducing sugars and creating great-tasting products. Minimally, it contains 25% less sugars compared to 42 or 63 DE corn syrup.
In addition, MULTIVANTAGE® Syrup (MVS) solves the dilemma of reducing sugars with the ease of production that food manufacturers require. To that end, MVS was developed to target sugars reduction while retaining low viscosity during production, particularly those foods marketed to provide energy needs. MVS can easily help manufacturers achieve a 30% sugars reduction in most applications versus other reduced sugars corn syrups that are more viscous and may cause production issues.

MULTIVANTAGE® Syrup works well in food applications that typically have higher sugars content and in food products that already contain corn syrup, such as:

  • Breakfast cereals and cereal bars
  • Hard and chewy candies
  • Breakfast fruit pastries
  • Jams and Jellies
  • Fruit flavored chews
  • Ready-to-Drink beverages
  • Pancake syrup, condiments and dessert toppings
  • Meal replacement drinks
  • Snack clusters (popcorn and peanut clusters)
  • Savory applications requiring adhesion functionality
  • Beverage syrups
For more information or samples of this versatile new syrup, please contact your Skidmore representative for product samples.

May, 2017 – Ohly Introduces ProDry® Cayenne Pepper Sauce Powder NGMOP

As part of its initiative towards a non-GMO project compliant product range, Ohly has recently launched ProDry® Cayenne Pepper Sauce Powder NGMOP, a new non-GMO compliant sauce powder. Ohly is the first to offer a non-GMO compliant version of Cayenne Pepper Sauce Powder, giving credit to the strong market demand for non-genetically modified food.
The innovative ProDry® range combines two things that are hard to bring together in a ready-to-use seasoning – a full flavor profile with the benefits of a free-flowing dry powder.
“Our ProDry® range continues to grow as customers appreciate the authentic flavor in a very easy to process form,” said Jay Wickeham, General Manager of Ohly Americas. Customers can now differentiate their Cayenne Pepper flavored products with the character and appeal that consumers are seeking. It adds heat and spice to savory food systems and delivers all the unique flavor of Cayenne Pepper Sauce. This free flowing powder is ideal for carefully calibrating flavor levels from subtle to impactful in a varied range of products including dry mixes, sauces, topical applications, seasoning blends, coatings and glazes.
Based on Ohly’s decades of experience in taste ingredient development and manufacturing, ProDry® products retain all the volatile aroma components for maximum consumer experience. With its primary applications in savory food, this free flowing powder has a non-GMO label, and is also Halal and Kosher.
Please contact your Skidmore representative for samples or additional information.

May, 2017 – Skidmore Adds Naturis to Our Long List of Ingredient Suppliers

Skidmore is now offering Naturis ingredients to our customers. Naturis has built their business on the development of natural and ready-to-use food products.
Based in Rovigo, Italy, Naturis is a BRC certified company offering grains, pulses and flours that perform well across a variety of different functionalities and share the following characteristics:
  • 100% Natural with no additives, preservatives or coloring; and no chemical treatment – Non-GMO
  • Microbiologically-clean for a minimum bacterial count hundreds times less than raw materials.
  • Worldwide Highest Quality Standards.
  • Versatile: Suitable for a wide range of applications.
  • Tailor-made to be designed and developed based on the specific needs of the customer.
With ingredients developed to match both food industry requests and consumer needs, Naturis has created three product lines around these key customer needs:
  • Ready To Do – Quick cooking conventional and organic grains and pulses that can be rehydrated cold or hot (rice, spelt, buckwheat, barley, quinoa, lentils, peas, chickpeas, etc.).
  • Bright Fit – Grains and pulses that have infused flavors, colors, or nutrients such as vitamins, proteins, minerals, etc. that are produced using patent pending infusion technology.
  • Best Matchin’ – Conventional and organic pre-gelatinized flours (rice, lentils, peas, chickpeas, quinoa, buckwheat, and bean)
Please contact your Skidmore representative for samples or additional information.

May, 2017 – Essentia Announces Product Branding Changes

As of March 29, 2017, the ProBase trademark and brand name for their broths, stocks, fats and extracts will no longer be used by Essentia. This product branding change has been made to help a packaged food company avoid potential consumer confusion with their own trademark and brand.
This is only a change in product branding,
there are no other product or SKU changes taking place at this time.
While Essentia products produced before March 29, 2017 may still carry the ProBase trademark on their product label, the ProBase trademark will no longer be used on any materials produced after this date. Their broth, stock, fat and extract ingredient solutions, across all species, will simply fall under the Essentia brand.
Please see the example below for additional clarification.
SKU 1201
Old Product Description
ProBase B1301 Spray-Dried Beef Stock
SKU 1201
New Product Description
B1301 Spray-Dried Beef Stock
Please contact your Skidmore representative for product samples or more information.