October, 2018 – Glandbia Nutrition Group introduces BevGrad® Oats GF and BevGrad® Quinoa

Glanbia Nutrition Group added two ingredients to their BevGrad® super finely milled product line.   The addition is in response to the consumer demand to offer more convenient options with whole grains that provide protein and fiber.

These new plant-based ingredients are BevGrad Oats GF & BevGrad Quinoa.  This product range allows for great tasting whole grains to disperse evenly in ready-to-mix drinks. BevGrad® Oats GF or BevGrad® Quinoa qualifies brands for the use of the Whole Grain Stamp, which is issued by the Whole Grain Council and highly regarded by health-conscious consumers.

Made from whole grains and seeds, with nutrients and fiber intact, BevGrad ingredients offer excellent dispersibility and smooth mouthfeel, perfect for powdered drink mixes.  BevGrad Oats GF and BevGrad Quinoa also deliver cold water dispersibility, are suitable for vegans and non-GMO.

Download the product information sheet to learn more about BevGrad® Oats GF and Bevgrad® Quinoa.

Contact Skidmore for more information on the BevGrad product line, or other Glanbia products.

October, 2018 – The Skidmore Team Has Grown Again

The Skidmore mission is simple:  By helping our customers and suppliers win, we win!

To meet our mission and continue to offer the customer-centric service we are known for, Skidmore is excited to welcome three new employees to the dedicated team!

Phylicia Selvidge is a United States Navy Veteran who joins Skidmore after years of serving our country. As a Sales Assistant to Skidmore Representatives Derek Christiansen and Glenn DeMeritt, Phylicia coordinates with all business functions and suppliers to make sure our customers get what they need when they need it!

Michael Hundley recently joined our team as Food Safety Manager.  With an impressive background in food safety and microbiology, Michael brings to Skidmore a deep understanding of the required standards that are critical to maintaining ingredient integrity, and more importantly, keeping consumers safe.

Steve Ogle shares the Skidmore passion for creating win/win solutions for customers and suppliers. He will be right at home as our new Regional Vice President of Sales.  Over his career he has cultivated numerous lasting relationships with customers and suppliers by actively uncovering new opportunities and discovering creative solutions!

Steve will lead half of our outside sales team alongside Ron McMinn and Steve Jackson.

October, 2018 – Fiberstar Launches New Natural Fiber For Pet Food And Treats

The recent humanization trend in pet care is one of the primary market trends driving a plethora of new companion pet products. In the past, pets served to protect the house and farm, eliminate predators and rodents and haul heavy loads. Today, pets are not only part of the family, but in some instances, these furry beings are people’s children. In response to the exploding pet care market, Fiberstar, Inc. launched Citri-Fi 150 natural citrus fiber to improve the texture, enhance nutrition and provide cost savings in pet food and treats.

“We are pleased to launch the Citri-Fi 150 citrus fiber. This natural ingredient rounds out our portfolio of offerings,” says John Haen, CEO and president of Fiberstar, Inc. “We not only offer our flagship Citri-Fi to the food and beverage industry, but now, also to the pet food and treat segment.”

Citri-Fi is sustainably produced from byproduct of the citrus fruit. The patented technology is a mechanical process which is free from chemicals and opens up the fiber to provide high water holding capacity and emulsification properties. Citri-Fi 150 offers a multitude of benefits in various pet treats. In injection molded bones, this natural fiber aids in flowability and mold release as well as adds strength to extend chew times. In semi-moist treats, this natural fiber binds the water to improve the meat-like texture in addition to minimizing crumb. Other benefits include moisture retention, reduced stickiness and texturizing.

“Citri-Fi 150 offers pet food and treat manufacturers a cost effective, functional fiber which is unique versus lower functioning fibers on the market,” Haen said. “Our patented technology and manufacturing process gives us the flexibility to create new products for new growing markets like companion pet.”

The same functionalities and cost savings that Citri-Fi 150 provides pet food and treats benefits certain applications within the meat and bakery categories. This includes extending meat while maintaining texture and quality. Within baked goods, the Citri-Fi binds water to improve freshness over shelf life. Citri-Fi 150 is grain-free, non-GMO, allergen-free and made in the USA. This plant-based ingredient contributes fiber and can be labeled as citrus fiber, dried citrus pulp or citrus flour which resonate well in the natural human and companion pet food markets.

Source:  Fiberstar.net; September, 2018; Fiberstar.