June, 2019 – Ingredion Introduces Novation® Lumina Functional Native Starches

Ingredion recently introduced Novation® Lumina Functional Native Starches. Designed for delicate applications, they meet consumer demand for “natural,” clean label products that do not compromise flavor, color texture, and performance.

These starches offer outstanding flavor release and neutral color which make them ideal for texturizing white or light-colored applications with more subtle flavor.

Like modified starches, NOVATION Lumina functional native starches provide viscosity and gel strength to help you create creamy, smooth textures. These products also offer excellent freeze/thaw and shelf life stability and have a high process tolerance, ideal for sauces, alternative dairy and other products that undergo harsh processing conditions.

According to Ingredion’s website, “Labeled simply as “corn starch,” natural NOVATION Lumina functional native starches offer all the functionality of modified starches and support “natural” and “no artificial ingredients” claims. They are also non-GMO and gluten-free, and do not require allergen labeling.”

Click here to download information about Novation Lumina Functional Native Starches.

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