November, 2019 – Elite Spice Offers New Roasted Cumin and Coriander Products

Elite Spice recently added new roasted products to their offerings.  Follow the links below to learn more about each of these ingredients:


Cumin Seed Whole Roasted

Cumin Seed Ground 30 Roasted

Coriander Seed Whole Roasted

Coriander Seed Ground 30 Roasted


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November, 2019 – Woodland Foods New Products

Woodland Foods recently introduced three new items to their portfolio.

OB04-Organic Cooked Chickpea Flour

Organic Cooked Chickpea Flour is a versatile, nutritious and gluten-free cooking and baking product made from ground chickpeas that have been roasted to add a richer, nuttier flavor to soups, stews, dips and breads.

OX94-Organic Purple Jasmine Rice

Organic Purple Jasmine Rice is a unique long-grain variety grown in Northern Thailand. A cross between traditional Thai jasmine rice and non-glutinous purple rice, this striking variety offers the same whole-grain benefits as brown rice, as its nutritious outer bran layer has not been removed.

Diced Dehydrated 3/8” Potatoes

Conveniently diced and gently dehydrated to make adding hearty texture and fresh, mild potato flavor simple and consistent. These diced dehydrated potatoes are easy to rehydrate after soaking in water or broth to incorporate into soups or stews. They are also a convenient alternative to fresh potatoes in recipes for mashed potatoes, shepherd’s pie and more.

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November, 2019 – Kalsec releases new eBook, “Spicy Perceptions: Hot and Spicy Food Industry Insights”

Consumers are reporting choosing spicy options when dining out and eating in.  Accoding Kalsec’s latest research, the segment is growing rapidly and there are numerous opportunities for food processors, manufacturers, QSRs and consumer packaged goods to innovate their product offerings.

To understand consumer trends, Kalsec recently conducted research and collected new global insights via online surveys of consumers in 12 countries.  The results are available in their new e-book:  “Spicy Perceptions; Hot and Spicy Food Industry Insights.”

The research uncovered five key findings including: the significant growth in the consumption of spicy foods over previous years, and further found that preferred flavors and pungency levels differed in various regions of the world.  Additional insights are included for several regions around the world, including Asia Pacific and The Americas.

Across the globe, more than half of all consumers report that the source of heat is important, such as the pepper varietal, and they are looking for these sources on the product label.

The study results also outlined the likelihood of consumers to try a new spicy food as a main entrée, a spicy dip/sauce/condiment, spicy snack, a spicy beverage and a spicy desert.  The results may surprise you! 24% of respondents indicated they would likely try a spicy dessert.  In India, 40% of respondents said they would be “extremely likely,” to try a new spicy beverage or dessert, which Kalsec identified as a potential new trend.

Get the report for a detailed look at consumer preferences, and how food and beverage manufacturers can meet consumer expectations.  Download the complete e-book here.

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November, 2019 – The Latest Ingredion IdeaLabs I2s Health & Nutrition Brief: Shifting Away From Sugar

Increased consumer scrutiny related to the sugar content in food and beverages, combined with the FDA’s increased focus on added sugar details on product labeling has prompted Ingredion to take a closer look at sugar reduction.   In their latest IdeaLabs I2s brief “Shifting Away From Sugar,” Ingredion provides insights into the trend, and what consumers require from sweet foods and beverages.

With 45% of Americans reporting that reducing sugar is more important than ever, the reports look at how consumer behavior is changing.  Consumers are reporting drinking water or switching to low calorie options instead of sugary drinks.   In response, beverage manufacturers have introduced more than 250 Stevia-sweetened soft drinks each year since 2012.

Additionally, this I2s brief looks at trends in beverage and snacks and yogurt applications and establishes similar trajectories.  Consumers are turning to reduced sugar products and manufacturers are offering hundreds of new products each year to satisfy the demand.

See how sugar reduction is trending in your applications.  Download the complete brief here.

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