December, 2019 – Did you Know IFT Has a Podcast?

You probably know that IFT is an excellent resource for all things Food Science.  The IFTNext section of their website contains industry news and insightful articles and publications from sources all over the industry.   But you may be surprised to know that you can also find there a series of podcasts that are designed to bring the industry closer, and keep us informed.

In the latest, Episode 15: Beyond Clean Label: A look At Functional Ingredients and Value-added Nutrition, the panel comprised of experts from Ingredion, Innova, and IFT examines the emergence of ‘food with a purpose.’  They offer insights on what this means for different generational groups, upcoming trends, cultural influences and the future of food innovation.

IFTNext offers many episodes that focus on relevant topics for today’s food professionals.

December, 2019 – Fiberstar wins FI Europe 2019 Plant-based Award

Fiberstar, Inc., recently won Food Ingredients Europe’s 2019 Plant-based Innovation award.  The recognition goes to “ companies who commercialize new solutions to improve the rapidly growing plant-based foods category,” according to Fiberstar’s press release.

They won the award for introducing new plant-based solutions for meat alternatives using their flagship Citri-Fi natural citrus fiber.  As companies research ways to replace methyl cellulose to clean up their labels, many innovators are looking toward Citri-Fi natural citrus fiber to assist with texture issues when used in combination with other natural ingredients.

“Fiberstar continues to be on the forefront when creating new technologies for meat alternatives.” says John Haen, President and CEO. “We work closely with our customers to share solutions that fit their needs.  This fast-paced category needs innovative companies like Fiberstar to introduce new ingredient technologies into the marketplace,” says Mr. Haen. “Our developments in meat alternatives complements our successes in plant-based milk and other non-dairy foods.”

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December, 2019 – DuPont Nutrition and Biosciences Grindsted®Plant-Tex Bev for Plant-based Beverages

Innova Market Insights identified the “Plant-Based Revolution,” as its number two trend for 2020, highlighting a 68% average annual growth in food and beverage launches with a plant-based claim.

In a recent article in Food Ingredients 1st,  Sonia Huppert, Global Marketing Leader for Plant-Based Health at Dupont explained, “Using our plant-based solutions, food manufacturers can redefine existing products or create entirely new categories that give consumers a wider range of choices. If the plant-based movement is to have a long-term impact on health and sustainability, we need to provide more options so consumers can quickly identify their personal preferences and speed up change in their purchasing habits.”

In keeping with that commitment to help food and beverage manufacturers meet this increasing consumer demand, and they recently added another ingredient to their portfolio.

Specifically designed for plant-based beverage to deliver optimal stabilization, texture and mouthfeel, DuPont Grindsted® Plant-Tex Bev as a beverage milk alternative.

With the impressive number of products launching in this category each year, beverage manufacturers are looking to deliver new plant-based beverages that deliver drinking enjoyment while remaining stable throughout its shelf life.  This product line offers ingredients with ideal properties for many of manufacturers’ challenging needs, including:   texture, emulsification, stability, foam and froth, and suspension properties.

Learn more about Grindsted® Plant-Tex Bev here.

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December, 2019 – What will 2020 Bring?

With 2020 on the horizon and only days left in this decade, food industry and consumer experts have weighed in with their annual predictions about what the new year will bring to the food industry.

Innova Market Insights have been leading global food trend specialists for more than two decades.  Innova tracks and analyzes thousands of new product launches annually.  Our industry looks to them when identifying the top food and beverage trends impacting the marketplace in the US and abroad.

This year, their top three may surprise you!  According to Innova, the number one trend that will drive the food and beverage industry is “Storytelling: Winning with Words.”  According to Innova, 56% of consumers’ purchasing decisions are influenced by stories around a brand.  The top reason for this is because consumers want to know the origin of the ingredients.  Additionally, brands can also talk about cultural celebrations, processing used to make a product, or how a chosen product fits into a lifestyle in order to resonate with today’s savvy consumers.

The number two trend expected to impact the food industry is “The Plant-Based Revolution.”  Consumers are increasingly attracted to products with plant-based claims, more so than vegetarian or vegan labels.  Read further in this month’s edition to see how DuPont is meeting the increasing demand.

And rounding out the top three trends, Innova identified “The Sustain Domain,” citing:

“Global consumers who expect companies to invest in sustainability increased from 65% in 2018 to 87% in 2019. About half of consumers are willing to pay extra for products devoted to solving sustainability issues.

Two big concerns are plastic waste and food waste, although differences in consumer focus exist regionally and across different age groups. Companies need to know their target market and figure out how they will measure their sustainability efforts.

The demand for healthy and sustainable foods poses many challenges for food and beverage manufacturers.   As you look to prepare for and meet these trends, let us help!  Skidmore’s team of experts is available from field testing to scale up, to help you source the ideal ingredient for your next innovation.

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