Researchers Devise New Technology to Reduce Sodium in Processed Foods

Prepared foods are convenient and safe choice, for many consumers.  Reducing the amount of sodium in these products can prove very beneficial to consumers.

Researchers at Washington State University have developed a technology that can retain taste and texture of processed foods while cutting sodium by up to 50%.

The researchers used microwave assisted thermal sterilization (MATS) to kill pathogens without reducing flavor intensity.

According to a recent article in IFTNext, ”During the study, which was published in the Journal of Food Science, tasting panels evaluated mashed potatoes produced using both methods. An e-tongue assessed the impact of the reduced salt and the effect on the intensities of pepper, garlic, and other ingredients. Although pepper intensity remained the same for both fresh potatoes and those produced using MATS, it was reduced in retort processing.

Carolyn Ross, lead author of the study, suggested that the retort process takes longer to rise to the appropriate temperature and longer to cool down, resulting in texture and flavor changes in the food being treated. Since the MATS process take less time, the impact on food flavor and texture is reduced. Additionally, when pepper flavor is retained, less salt is needed.

The researchers believe that a salt reduction of up to 50% could be attained using the MATS processing method because the flavor of other herbs is enhanced.”

See the full IFTNext article.

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Ohly’s Provesta® 512 Yeast Extract To Boost Flavor And Provide Umami

Whether you are looking at sauces, soups, seasonings, meat alternatives or other ready to eat formulas, Ohly’s Provesta® 512 Yeast Extract is a great solution. Based on application, Ohly has found that Provesta® 512 provides:

  • High initial boost of flavor and umami
  • Improved meat flavors in meat alternative recipes and helps cover off notes of vegetable proteins in meat replacement applications
  • Sweet cooked notes of tomatoes giving a premium quality to savory sauces
  • Acid toning and a fresh profile
  • Enhancement of aged, fermented and smoky notes to create a more premium profile for cheeses, hot sauces and applications where smoke is added.

Provesta® 512 is easy to incorporate into any formula and is:

  • Natural & Vegan
  • Allergan Free
  • GMO Free
  • Kosher Parve & Halal


Download the Provesta® 512 product specs.

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Tate & Lyle Unveils a Suite of Sweetener Solution Design Tools

Responding to customer demand to develop more predictive tools that would support product performance and shorten development time, Tate & Lyle recently introduced SWEETENER-VANTAGE™.

This set of tools includes sweetener maps and selection tools and WikiSweet™, Tate & Lyle’s proprietary encyclopedia of formulation challenges and solutions.  Scientists use this tool to help differentiate between and choose suitable sweeteners.

“By sharing our product and application knowledge, we are working to help the industry create next generation products that address health challenges in society, delivering our purpose of Improving Lives for Generations,” explained Jim Carr, Director of Global Ingredient Technology for Sweeteners at Tate & Lyle, in their recent press release.

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