2021 Trends – Next-Generation Plant-Based Options Continue To Expand

The evolution of plant-based products is soaring beyond the traditional dairy and meat alternative categories.  In fact, the “Plant Forward,” trend was #2 on Innova Market Insights 2021 prediction list.

According to a recent article on Food Ingredients 1st,  “Last year, no fewer than 67 percent of all new products with “plant-based” claims were launched outside of these pioneering sectors, according to the market researcher [Innova Market Insights]. And, it also points to plant-based confectionery space proliferating.”

While the trend had already gone mainstream prior to Covid-19, the immunity-boosting properties of plant-based foods have gained the attention of consumers looking to improve their health and well-being.

In an earlier article, Karen Emerson, Kerry plant-based business development manager, North, and South Europe explained “COVID-19 has accelerated interest in plant-based across the board, with 42 percent of consumers eating meat alternatives more often.”

“Plant-based has extended itself from a niche trend for the few to a full-fledged phenomenon for many. COVID-19 is drawing deeper attention to health, the safety of animal-based foods and the environment, which propelled the plant-based trend,” says Mindy Leveille, strategic marketing manager for protein at Kerry.

Moreover, consumer awareness about protein quality is growing, with consumers able to find the information very easily on blogs and social media, adds Leveille.

There are other drivers contributing to the plant-based trend as well.  Sustainability is at the forefront for many consumers, who want products that are ethically sourced, and have a low environmental impact.  Food Ingredients first points to the many “Better for people and the planet,” phrases used by brands and companies around the globe.

Convincing natural colors are also important to consumers.  According to Chr. Hanson Natural Colors, “A product that looks good on the shelf is no longer enough for conscious consumers. Their buying behavior is now influenced by whether the origin of the color is from a safe and natural source.”  For this reason, options in plant-based reds, yellows, and oranges are solid contenders in both food and beverage applications.

See the full article, on foodgingredientsfirst.com to get a closer glimpse into industry predictions for plant-based products.

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2021 Trends – Better For You Sweet Treats

Cutting Sugar and Increasing Protein has Sustained Appeal To Consumers

According to a recent article in Food Ingredients 1st, Innova Market Insights predicts that the drive towards healthy food choices, particularly in sweet treats, will remain strong in 2021.

According to Innova, indulgent flavor is essential in confectionery, sweet bakery, ice cream, and desserts, and brings with it specific challenges to food manufacturers looking to provide “better-for-you,” reformulations.

Sugar reduction and protein enhancement have been particularly popular for consumers, and successful to manufacturers.  The article looks at ice cream manufacturer Halo Top and Swedish brand Nick’s, which recently secured $30MM in financing for their sugar-free frosty treats made with EPG, a patented fat replacer that provides great taste and texture while remaining low-calorie.

Innova indicated that more than 91% of consumers are “at least a little,” influenced by sugar reduction claims.  This includes strategies to completely remove sugar, blending of sugar with sweeteners and advances in sugar science.

The article indicates that top sweetener ingredients include stevia, erythritol, and monk fruit.

The article also points to the appeal that protein has for consumers when considering dairy products, indicating that it is also gaining ground in confectionary and sweet bakery products.

“Even some well-known sports nutrition brands are exploring opportunities in high-protein biscuits and chocolate products,” highlights Innova Market Insights.

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2021 Kalsec Trends – What will This Year Bring?

The New Year always brings excitement and curiosity about what the coming months will bring.  In light of everything that has happened in 2020, the anticipation is even greater.  What foods will consumers gravitate toward?  What ingredients are they going to demand?  What will they avoid?

As in past years, Kalsec has more than a crystal ball to give us insights into the coming year.  They have studied trends in the food industry to deliver their Trends Report for 2021.   The ingredient giant has identified six top trends that they predict will dominate this year:

  1. Functional Food and Beverages

According to Kalsec, 1/3 of consumers are using functional food and beverages daily as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.  Pointing to the fact that consumers had more downtime in 2020 to research and understand the foods they eat, Kalsec predicts that consumers will look for food and beverages that offer mood modifying and mental health benefits.  They also believe that foods that aren’t often thought of for health benefits may also be repositioned to support healthier lifestyles, beers for running and fermented foods, and hard seltzers that provide probiotic benefits.

  1. Celebrating Culture with Cuisine

Each year, demand for regionally inspired flavors top the consumer trend prediction lists.  With global travel limited in 2020, many cultures focused on celebrating their own heritage with food.   For instance, in the US, there was a surge in African American cuisine, and Kalsec has predicted that many will continue to delve into these tastes and the increase in popularity will continue into 2021.  They also predict an increase in Latin American foods, including chimichurri, horchata, and salsa, as the global trend for Mexican Flavors continues to grow.

  1. A Force for Good

Consumers want more than products from companies.  Kalsec indicates that consumers look for companies that align with their core values, including supporting people and our planet.  They believe that “sustainable options will go past the premium options to the mainstream aisles, as brands adopt a sustainable mindset.”

A recent Mintel report indicated that global product launches in 2020 with environmental and ethical claims grew by 7.7%. 

  1. Innovations and Prepared and Takeout Meals

2020 was a game-changer for takeout and prepared meal innovation, as businesses and restaurants had to adapt their operations to the Covid-19 pandemic.  Because in 2021 many consumers will continue to save the money they would have spent on their work commute, Kalsec predicts that continued innovation in this area will come in the form of premiumization such as specialty to-go cocktails and meal kits from restaurants that consumers can make at home.  This will also bring about innovative and better packaging for delivery and outside eating.

  1. Specific Spices and Ingredients 2.0

Previously, Kalsec identified the trend of consumers requiring more specificity on the spiciness of their foods, going beyond “mild, medium & hot.”  This year, Kalsec believes the trend has expanded to the front of the package claims relative to spices, alliums, and fruits and vegetables like “black garlic rather than just garlic.”   The ingredient manufacturer points to consumers’ desire for transparency and storytelling as a potential source for this trend. 

  1. Classics With A Modern Twist

According to Kalsec, Classic and comfort foods are on the rise, but with consumers cooking at home for extended periods of time, they are looking for ways to experiment and add a twist.  This includes adding non-traditional ingredients to their favorite comfort foods, and specialized culinary techniques like roasting and carmelizing to add complexity to flavors.

In addition to their own predictions, Kalsec included links to many trusted industry sites that made their own predictions.  See the full report here.

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2021 Trends – Immune Boosting Ingredients Continue To Grow In Popularity

Consumers spent 2020 trying to get healthy and stay healthy, and researchers believe that trend will continue in 2021. Many consumers are looking to the foods they eat to give them an edge in their fight against the Coronavirus.  According to ADM, their research shows that consumers are growing more interested in foods that help boost immunity.

According to a recent report on Fooddive.com, Immunity-boosting ingredients have seen a sales bump already, and more companies are expanding their portfolios with those features. Chobani recently announced a line of yogurt that spotlights probiotics, and Uncle Matt’s launched an Ultimate Immune Orange Juice Beverage.

As Fooddive.com explained, WGSN, a trend forecasting company under Assentia, “identified immunity-supporting ingredients as a key theme for 2021. Product developers are learning from consumer demand in the past year. From elderberries and probiotics to turmeric and moringa, WGSN said the ingredients with immunity claims are among those poised for further growth.”   Other ingredients that have seen a surge are oranges, honey, mushrooms, and ginger.

“So many people are taking this time to commit to their personal wellness. People are trying to adopt new, healthier behaviors, more exercise. Trying to eat more healthy foods,” Joan Driggs, vice president of content and thought leadership at marketing research firm IRI, told Food Dive. “It’s not going to go away.”

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