FDA Issues New Guidelines on Voluntary Sodium Reduction

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has released new guidance intended to provide measurable voluntary short-term (2.5-year) goals for sodium content in commercially processed, packaged, and prepared foods to reduce excess population sodium intake, while recognizing and supporting the important roles sodium plays in food technology and food safety.

Indicating that “More than 70 percent of total sodium intake is from sodium added during food manufacturing and commercial food preparation.  The average sodium intake in the U.S. is approximately 3,400 milligrams/day (mg/day).  The Dietary Guidelines for Americans, 2020-2025 advises individuals 14 years and older to limit their consumption to 2,300 mg/day; this aligns with recommendations from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine, which set the Chronic Disease Risk Reduction Intake for sodium at 2,300 mg/day for those 14 years and older.”

Skidmore offers many ingredients intended to assist in sodium reduction efforts in your next innovation.  Contact your Skidmore Sales representative for more information.

Download and review the FDA guidance document.

Skidmore Updates 2021 Thanksgiving Holiday Schedule for Employees

2021 has proven to be one of the most challenging years in recent memories.  From Covid to ingredient allocations, to weather emergencies, the food industry has been hit hard by recent events.

Through it all, Skidmore Sales employees have remained consistently dedicated to providing unparalleled service to our suppliers and customers.   As a thank you for their continued commitment to our company, our core values, and our success, we are extending our Thanksgiving Holiday.  We will be closed Wednesday, November 24, through Friday, November 26 to give everyone well-deserved time off with friends and families.

Thank you to all our employees, and their families, for all you give to make our company a first-choice distributor for our customers and suppliers.

See You at Suppliers’ Night!

Celebrating more than 50 years of service to the Chicago area food industry, the CSIFT 2021 Suppliers Night will be hosted on November 3, 2021, at the Donald E. Stephens Center in Rosemont, Illinois.

With more than 500 exhibitors and 3000 visitors, the event is the largest regional food industry and symposium in the nation.

After taking 2020 off due to Covid, Skidmore is excited to have area sales reps and other team members there; we look forward to seeing everyone.   Visit the event page for more details

Can’t make it this year?  Mark your calendar! Event dates have been scheduled for the next few years:

  • Wednesday, November 2, 2022
  • Thursday, November 2, 2023
  • Wednesday, November 6, 2024

Culinary Farms Introduces New Collection of Meat-Inspired Seasoning Blends for Plant-Based Products

According to a recent article in the New York Times, over 70% of American consumers are trying plant-based meat alternative products.  Recent studies also show that they’re also willing to pay more for clean-label options. The Culinary Farms In-house Innovation Team designed new seasonings to offer companies in the food industry the opportunity to provide for both consumer trends.

According to their announcement, “Culinary Farms has launched nine new ready-to-use dry seasoning blends for consumer packaged food manufacturers (CPGs) and foodservice companies. These blends were designed with plant-based meat alternative products in mind, but food manufacturers can also include them in savory snack applications. They are a clean-label solution to adding umami flavor reminiscent of specific meat products such as andouille sausage, chicken nuggets, chorizo, bacon, and more.”

“We formulated these seasonings using clean label vegetable ingredients fortified with the umami taste that traditional meat products provide,” said Andy Chih, Research and Development Manager at Culinary Farms. “They satisfy consumers’ craving for clean-label plant-based foods without compromising on taste.”

Skidmore offers many Culinary Farms products.  Contact your Skidmore Sales representative to learn more.

Olam Food Ingredients Undergoes Rebrand, Now Known as ofi

As part of an extensive rebrand, Olam is now known as “ofi”.  According to the company the rebrand identifies ofi as a “fresh and distinct company, focused on the five complementary ingredient platforms that we’re known for – cocoa, coffee, dairy, nuts, and spices. And seeks to harness those food and beverage trends that these delicious products can combine to create.”

According to their announcement, the rebrand is “more than just a new look.”  According to a recent article from Foodingredientsfirst.com the rebrand, “Further underscores ofi’s efforts to shake up the market with ingredients that help food and beverage companies meet the growing consumer demand for natural, healthy, and sustainably sourced cocoa, coffee, dairy, nuts, and spice products.”

Kamesh Ellajosyula, ofi chief innovation and quality officer, told Foodingredientsfirst.com, “ofi brings together five of our leading ingredients businesses under one new operating group to simplify and focus our portfolio and help our customers to respond to the rapidly changing consumer preferences.”

Ofi is assuring customers that they remain committed to “delivering value at every level of their integrated supply chains.”  And also that It is “business as usual,” during the rebrand.

Skidmore proudly represents ofi products.  Contact your Skidmore representative for more information.