OFI Introduces deZaan Organic Cocoa Powder

OFI recently launched 100% segregated organic cocoa powder.  The deZaan Master 01 (011DQ) cocoa powder is farmed, sourced, and processed through a fully segregated supply chain to ensure its organic credentials.

The cocoa powder can be used in various applications, including dairy, confectionery, and baked foods.

According to their website, “this expertly crafted cocoa powder has a vibrant brown color, a wonderfully fine texture, and a rich chocolate taste.  This is the pinnacle of organic cocoa powder.  It’s also supported by the availability of full traceability and organic certifications.”

Latest from Kerry: Consumer Emotion Driving Global Cheese Innovation

Recently Kerry surveyed 8,790 consumers across 16 countries on six continents to learn more about their snacking behaviors and preferences.  They investigated how customers responded to cheese-flavored savory snacks and researched new product development.  As a result, Kerry has flagged the potential for food manufacturers to connect with consumers on an emotional level.

Foodingredientsfirst.com recently sat down with representatives from Kerry to learn more.

According to the article, Kerry found that consumers have a deeply positive perception of cheese flavors in savory snacks, with 62% stating that cheese flavors make savory snacks more exciting.

Cheese-flavored snacks outpaced the savory snack category in new product launches, demonstrating the further potential for innovation.

While 77% of consumers globally said that taste is the number one reason they love cheese, preferences vary across different markets and geographies.

Cheddar, mozzarella, and parmesan are popular among respondents in North America and Europe.

The article stated, “The research also explored top flavors based on snack-type, with cheddar reigning supreme worldwide and cited as the most appealing cheese profile across potato chips, popcorn, and cheese puff concepts.”

Regarding the research, Soumya Nair, global consumer research and insights director, told Foodingredientsfirst.com: “Cheese is a truly cultural experience, shaped by different geographies, generations of rich culinary history, local ingredients, and traditions.”

Although many consumers love classic, single-cheese flavors in savory snacks, there is plenty of scope for mixing things up. A significant percentage – 50% – tell us that creative additions such as herbs, spices, and chili are variants they look for,” Nair explained.

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GPC Introduces Fybrin™ RS, High-Fiber Resistant Starch

Grain Processing Corporation (GPC) has introduced Fybrin™ RS, a corn-based resistant starch, low on calories that can be used in formulations to achieve high fiber claims.

According to the GPC website, “High fiber, low profile, FYBRIN™ RS is a tool to assist formulators in reducing calories. For example, replacing 20% flour with FYBRIN™ RS can significantly reduce calories in baked goods and other food products.”

In an interview for a recent article from Foodingredientsfirst.com, Kelly Belknap, business development manager for GPC, stated “Our company is very focused on fiber and growing into that area, just with the many health benefits of fiber, anything from gut health to calorie reduction. Fiber covers many of those health points.”

She continued, “There’s just an overall increased recognition between the role that fiber plays in overall health, from anything from satiety to weight management to immunity. With COVID-19 we’ve all been researching how to boost our immune systems.”

Fybrin RS can be applied in pasta, tortillas, pizzas, and even beverages.

Fybrin™ RS is:

  • Gluten-Free
  • Non-GMO available
  • Non-allergenic, produced from corn
  • Low water-holding capacity
  • Minimal flavor

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