October, 2019 – Skidmore Welcomes New Employees and Promotion News!

Skidmore Sales is excited to welcome these new employees to our team:

Emily Ullman took over the role of Receptionist in September of 2019. As she grows in her career, she finds that she enjoys helping both customers and coworkers to achieve their day to day needs. You can find her at the front desk answering phones, coding invoices, and restocking supplies.

Emily is a recent graduate of the University of Dayton.

Theo Holmes came to the Customer Service team in August 2019.  Prior to Skidmore, Theo was a Customer Service Associate for The Container Store, where he developed a great pride for assisting customers.  His responsibilities on our team include handling customer accounts and entering orders.

Theo is a recent grad of Purdue University and enjoys watching football and playing video games in his spare time.

Caleb Jack joined the Customer Service team in September 2019.   Caleb is excited to work with our customers and suppliers to build strong relationships and prides himself in going the extra mile, to “Do what’s right!”  Caleb will be responsible for updating orders, updating customers and finding ideal solutions for our customers.

Caleb is a recent grad of The Ohio State University.

Carleigh Henn joined our Documentation Department in August 2019. She handles customer requests for product information.  She’s looking forward to continuing to learn as much as possible and will strive to become the “go to” person for general questions from customers, suppliers and co-workers.  In the 6 years prior to coming to Skidmore, she assisted customers in a family-owned restaurant.

Carleigh is a graduate of the University of Cincinnati.

Skidmore Team Members Get promoted!

We are proud to recognize the recent promotion of Tim Horgan, to Regional Sales Manager. Tim has been with Skidmore since 2016 and holds a bachelor’s degree in culinary science from the University of Cincinnati.  Tim has nearly 20 years of experience in the food industry.  In his years at Skidmore, Tim has built a great rapport with customers and looks forward to working even more closely with them to find the best solutions for their function, formulation, flavor and process challenges.

In his new position, Tim’s region will encompass parts of Ohio, Kentucky, and West Virginia.  See Tim’s bio here.

Michelle Amarein was recently promoted to Sales Assistant and looks forward to working with our customers and suppliers more closely.  Michelle joined Skidmore in 2018 as a document administrator.  She has 17 years in the food industry and went to culinary school to become a chef, baker, and cake decorator.  She has worked in kitchens, bakeries and supply companies.  See her full bio here.

Please join us in welcoming and congratulating these team members.  Leave a note in the comment section below!

We are grateful for their contributions to our continued success.

October 2019 – Grand Opening Held for Joe Nuxhall Skidmore Sales Mini-Golf Course

October, 2019 – Skidmore achieves SQF II Excellent Rating

Skidmore Sales has again achieved an SQF Level II Excellent rating after an annual audit.

Jim McCarthy, Skidmore President recently recognized the occasion, “Adhering to the stringent codes that the Safe Quality Food institute (SQFI) has established is something we take very seriously.  We are proud of the hard work and dedication that our employees show each day to ensure that we reach this distinction year after year.“

When asked what it takes for Skidmore to continually achieve an excellent rating, Michael Hundley, Skidmore Food Safety Manager, explains “We achieve this year-after-year because it’s part of culture at Skidmore.  We speak in terms of meeting the requirements each day and we measure ourselves against the code.  Our team understands what it takes.  For instance, we embrace Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), and complete monthly GMP walk-throughs, where we grade ourselves to ensure we are meeting the requirements of the code.  We try to look at it through the eyes of an auditor. We reward our employees based on those scores.”

And it’s working.  Michael goes on to explain, “We regularly get compliments on the cleanliness of our facility from our suppliers and customers who visit.  They notice the pride our team takes in keeping the facility audit ready!”

Skidmore has been SQF Level II Certified since 2012.  Review the SQF Food Safety Code for Storage and Distribution here.

September, 2019 – Skidmoresales.com Gets A Makeover

We are excited to unveil the new design to our website: Skidmore-sales.com.  “The new look to our site reflects a fresh look, and a more expansive yet streamlined search function for our extensive line of ingredients,” says Jim McCarthy, Skidmore President.

Offering a better resource for new and long-standing customers, our new site includes a more robust and unrivaled product and supplier search function that easily sifts through the 5,000 items and 250 suppliers in our portfolio.   Looking for non-GMO, organic, and gluten free products?  You can easily filter our search results to pinpoint the products you’re searching for!  If you want to see the ingredients and suppliers we represent in specific categories, you can use our “Quick Links,” function to start your search!

“Users can also get to know our staff, identify the Skidmore sales rep closest to them, learn about taking the complexity out of sourcing ingredients when partnering with Skidmore, and contact us at the click of their mouse.  This redesign is the first step in our long-term goal of providing the online resources that current and prospective customers need when buying ingredients,” McCarthy explained.

See for yourself!  Click here to visit the re-designed Skidmore-sales.com site today!

September, 2019 – Fiberstar Introduces Natural Citrus Fiber System for Plant Protein Based Meat Systems

Plant-based foods are in high demand, as consumers seek products that address health, sustainability and environmental concerns.  Specifically, the meat alternatives category has seen tremendous rise in demand.  Product developers have made great strides in making these products very similar to traditional meat products, to many a consumers’ delight.

Some challenges still remain, including providing a cleaner label product.  Producers often rely upon highly synthetic thermogelling and emulsifying ingredients such as methyl cellulose to produce the meat-like texture and juiciness that consumers crave.

In a recent press release, Fiberstar explains, “Methyl cellulose comes in multiple types and forms but provides meat alternatives two key functionalities; namely hot binding strength and emulsification. Citri-Fi natural citrus fiber forms stable emulsions at both hot and cold temperatures. When put together with natural hydrocolloids, the gelling and hot binding functionalities make the system complete. This allows products like burger patties to be cooked at a high temperature without falling apart. During the cooking process, water and fat release to simulate the texture and create a burst of juiciness and sizzle which is convincing to quasi-carnivores.”

Fiberstar has developed an ingredient system containing Citri-Fi® that can replace Methyl Cellulose in plant-based meat free foods.  This system possesses an excellent gelling emulsion binding ability.

According to the same release, “Citri-Fi natural citrus fiber is produced from byproduct of the juicing process. The clean and patented process opens up the fiber to provide high surface area. This surface area lends itself to high water holding, heat stability, and emulsification properties. In addition, the Citri-Fi® system also allows formulators to lower the amount of saturated fats such as coconut or palm oil which improves the overall healthiness of their products.”

Read the full press release here.

Skidmore carries a large selection of Fiberstar products.  Click here to learn more or contact your Skidmore representative.

September, 2019 – FDA Offers Draft Guidance on Potassium Chloride in Food Labeling

Consumers are relying on the food industry to provide options for healthier lifestyles.  For many with cardiovascular concerns, a low-sodium diet is key to living their best life.

Food manufacturers and processors looking to provide innovative products that cater to this dietary concern sometimes use substitutes that provide similar taste and technical functions to those of sodium chloride (salt), including potassium chloride.

In a recent FDA guidance, the administration made recommendations on the labeling of potassium chloride as “potassium chloride salt,” on ingredient statement to help consumers understand the similarities of potassium chloride and sodium chloride with respect to taste and function.

The report indicated that if the guidance is finalized, it will represent the current thinking of the FDA in as much that it finds it appropriate to utilze the declaration “potassium chloride salt,” in place of “potassium chloride,” on ingredient labels.

See the full recommendation here.

June, 2019 – Silva International Now Offers All-Natural Blueberry

Food manufacturers are looking more natural ingredients that are clean label friendly, and Silva has answered the call! Silva now offers an all-natural dried blueberry that uses no artificial additives or preservatives are used, including no added sugar.

They are available in whole blueberries and blueberry powder.

Silva’s website mentions organic options for this ingredient.

Link to Silva’s website to see for yourself, or contact your Skidmore Sales professional to learn about the many Silva products we handle!

June, 2019 – TIC Gums Studies The Impact of Hydrocolloids on Texture and Suspension

In a recent whitepaper, TIC Gums studied leveraging the benefits of their hydrocolloid system, Ticaloid Ultrasmooth CL® to enhance texture and suspension in instant protein beverage applications. Testing showed that the addition of hydrocolloids impacted the textural attributes evaluated. The report stated, “The samples that contain hydrocolloids (xanthan gum and Ticaloid Ultrasmooth CL) displayed a substantial increase in viscosity, slipperiness, and mouth clearing compared to the control.”

The study also found that the addition of Ticaloid Ultrasmooth CL® :

  • Masked the awareness of particulates in a way xanthan alone was not, avoiding an undesirable, gritty mouthfeel.
  • Dispersed in liquid more easily than the alternative samples, and featured the highest hydration rate.  This ensures the beverage hydrates quickly and remains at a consistent viscosity so it can be consumed immediately or over a longer period of time.

Download the full TIC Gums whitepaper here.

June, 2019 – Bunge Introduces Vream™ Premium Bakery Shortenings

Bunge recently introduced their new Vream™ Premium Bakery Shortenings. Bunge explains that “Relative to conventional shortenings, Vream shortenings offer superior sensory benefits, a wide temperature tolerance, and extremely smooth consistency.”

Vream™ shortenings are ideal in many applications including: icings, donuts, and tortillas.

These shortenings are available in 50 lb. cubes.

Download the Vream™ informational sheet here.

Contact your Skidmore Sales representative for more information.

June, 2019 – Ingredion Introduces Novation® Lumina Functional Native Starches

Ingredion recently introduced Novation® Lumina Functional Native Starches. Designed for delicate applications, they meet consumer demand for “natural,” clean label products that do not compromise flavor, color texture, and performance.

These starches offer outstanding flavor release and neutral color which make them ideal for texturizing white or light-colored applications with more subtle flavor.

Like modified starches, NOVATION Lumina functional native starches provide viscosity and gel strength to help you create creamy, smooth textures. These products also offer excellent freeze/thaw and shelf life stability and have a high process tolerance, ideal for sauces, alternative dairy and other products that undergo harsh processing conditions.

According to Ingredion’s website, “Labeled simply as “corn starch,” natural NOVATION Lumina functional native starches offer all the functionality of modified starches and support “natural” and “no artificial ingredients” claims. They are also non-GMO and gluten-free, and do not require allergen labeling.”

Click here to download information about Novation Lumina Functional Native Starches.

Contact your Skidmore representative for samples or additional information.