Skidmore Sales Welcomes New Employees

When you succeed, we succeed!!!   We are committed to having the resources and staff in place to provide the services you need to grow your business.  For that reason, we are excited to welcome several new team members!  Let us introduce you to:

Aaron Zellner, Inside Sales Representative

Avery Smith, Inside Sales Representative

Mike Finfrock, Regional Sales Representative

Sarah Wood, PhD., Regional Sales Representative

Jessica Allen, Chief Information Officer

Chicago Is OUR Kind of Town! Looking ahead to 2022 IFT FIRST

OK, we’re not the late, great Frank Sinatra or even the Blues Brothers, but we are humming with excitement as IFT returns, live and in person, to Chicago’s McCormick Place!

Food industry professionals from all over the globe will attend the 2022 IFT First Annual Meeting and Food Expo, July 10-13, 2022. The show promises more than 1,300 exhibitors, over 100 sessions and conversations with industry professionals, and more than 20,000 of our peers convening in the Windy City to learn, celebrate, and connect. As “the industry’s largest collection of food ingredients, food safety & quality, technology, equipment, processing, and packaging suppliers,” you can be among the first to learn and see the future of food.

IFT FIRST promises you can “Fuel your passion for the science and the business of food through IFT FIRST’s thought-provoking scientific, business, featured sessions, multi-session conversations, full on-demand library, 500+ research posters.”

Due to the pandemic, IFT hosted the event virtual-only in 2020 and 2021. Like everyone else, we have missed it! The employees of Skidmore Enterprises are excited to connect with you and experience all IFT FIRST has to offer! We will have representatives from all our companies at the show. Contact your Essex Food Ingredients, Processor’s Choice, Skidmore Sales, H&W Ingredients, and Dayton Foods representatives to catch up in Chicago and look for us on the show floor.

While this year’s event will be in-person, IFT offers a hybrid, online-only option for those who cannot attend. Use this link to learn more.

Woodland Foods Introduces Three New Ingredients

Woodland Foods has introduced three new ingredients to their expansive product catalog:

  • Dried Guava Slices – packed with nutrients and a sweet and tart tropical flavor, perfect as a topping or snack.
  • Mesquite Bean Powder – rich in dietary fiber and protein, this sweet and slightly nutty flavor can be used in a variety of applications.
  • Organic Apple Cider Vinegar Powder – a convenient way to store and use the sweet and tangy flavor of this fruity vinegar.  Ideal for salad dressings, marinades, chutneys, and preserves.

Skidmore Sales offers hundreds of ingredients from Woodland Foods.  Contact your sales representative to learn more about these new ingredients.

Savory Snack Bar Trend Satisfies Wide Range of Preferences and Palates

As the snack bar industry expands, bar makers are using savory ingredients that satisfy many of today’s diet preferences. “Over the next 12 months, we expect to see the significantly greater buzz around savory snack bars, with projected interest in the space growing by nearly 250%, albeit from a low base,” says Ranjana Sundaresan, a lead research analyst at Spoonshot.

According to Food Technology Magazine, savory bars offer something for everyone. They satisfy a wide range of consumer preferences: specific lifestyles and diets—such as keto, paleo, gluten-free, plant-based, or low-sugar—or cravings for new and innovative flavors. They’re also aiming to balance post-pandemic demands for healthier options and those centered on indulgence.

“There’s definitely a plant-forward outlook to savory bar launches given the growing interest in this space, driven by health and sustainability concerns,” says Sundaresan, who cites Spoonshot research that consumer interest in plant-based food and drink has grown by over 600% since 2016.”

Savory ingredients can widen the range of snack bar flavors. There is also the potential that snack bars can become genuine meal replacements. Vegetables like sun-dried tomatoes work well in the savory space. According to Traina Foods, “Pizza flavors are always popular, and our sun-dried tomato products pack intense flavor complementing delicious mini-meal replacements.” Traina Foods provides a wide array of sun-dried tomato products ready to serve as an ingredient in savory bar lines. They offer diced, double diced, finely diced, julienned, and powders in conventional, organic, and salted varieties of sun-dried tomatoes.

Key Features and Benefits of Sun-Dried Tomatoes as a savory ingredient:

  • Fits many diet types
  • Low sugar
  • Add gourmet appeal and great color
  • High in umami—a flavor profile savored by influential huge baby boomer and millennial markets
  • Packed with vitamins C, A, B1, E, K, and lycopene

SustainableH&W Ingredients, a subsidiary of Skidmore Sales, proudly represents Traina ingredients. To learn more about these products, contact your sales representative.

Tapioca 2.0 – Ingredion Offers Next-Generation Tapioca

Ten years of development and domestication have led to Ingredion’s new, next-gen version of tapioca starch.

In a new e-book, Ingredion explains that “a decade ago, the scientists of Ingredion took a hard look at tapioca and saw the truth: it’s a nearly perfect starch for the current consumer marketplace.”  It is perfect because tapioca is not sourced from grain, dairy, or nuts, and among other things, it is low in fat and sodium and is cholesterol-free.  Tapioca provides a creamy, full mouthfeel that is similar to full-fat dairy.

Despite the benefits, many manufacturers were not using tapioca at the time.  Ingredion listed many reasons why this could be.  First, it was too expensive.  Another reason was that manufacturers had doubts about the supply chain.  They didn’t want to risk using a formulation that included tapioca if that meant not being able to fill orders.

Scientists at Ingredion spent the next decade developing their next-gen tapioca to answer these concerns.  They have released a new e-book that looks at what’s new and improved and provides six detailed reasons for using Ingredion’s tapioca:

  • Premium sensory experience
  • Preferred labeling
  • Cost competitive
  • More nature, less process
  • Better for farmers and the environment
  • Secure global supply

See what Ingredion has to say about these reasons.  Download the e-book from Ingredion’s site, and contact your Skidmore representative to learn more about the hundreds of Ingredion ingredients Skidmore handles.

Demand For Plant-Based Foods Continued to Grow In 2021

According to data from SPINS, the Plant-based Foods Association, and Good Foods Institute, plant-based food sales grew in 2021 by more than 6% over 2020 to $7.4 billion. That probably doesn’t surprise you. What you may find surprising is that the growth rate is three times greater than any other food in the grocery store at 1.8%.

According to, Plant-based unit sales increased by 3.8% in 2021, while total food unit sales dropped 3.4%.

The article indicated that “plant-based dairy once again saw impressive growth across the board, with dollar sales of $2.6 billion in 2021. While its 4% growth in 2021 is much lower than the 20% increase in dollar sales tallied a year earlier, it’s big for the sector.”

Plant-based eggs saw the most significant growth, with sales up 42%. Household penetration of the category is slight — just 1.4% — but unit sales have increased 14-fold in a year, from 600,000 in 2020 to more than 8 million in 2021.

The plant-based meat category got a lot more crowded in 2021. New plant-based chicken products from various manufacturers hit store shelves and restaurant menus nationwide. And new plant-based meat offerings, ranging from private label to smaller brands, also came to stores.

Plant-based foods are more than just a trend. Manufacturers answer consumer demand by focusing on new product development incorporating these sought-after ingredients. Skidmore Sales works with the top ingredient manufacturers and offers a wide array of plant-based ingredients ideal for your next innovation. Our technical sales team is eager to help! We are happy to assist in identifying the ingredients you need to stay competitive in the plant-based categories. Contact us to get started!

Let the Relaxation Begin! Happy Retirement, Karen DeWitt!

We are both delighted and saddened as we extend our warmest wishes to Karen DeWitt, Regional Sales Manager. Karen is retiring on April 1, after 34 dedicated years with our organization.   She has been an outstanding employee, mentor, and friend to our employees, customers, and countless individuals within our industry.

Attempting to sum up her contributions and achievements over the years is an exhausting effort. As the 19th employee hired at Skidmore sales, she has been instrumental in our growth over the years. Karen has nurtured relationships that have become some of our top customers. She is known for her immense technical expertise, hawk-like attention to detail, and unwavering concern for her customers.   But her influence doesn’t stop at our threshold. Food science is her passion. Karen was an Adjunct Professor at the University of Cincinnati for several years. She taught senior-level formulating foods classes and shared her experience and knowledge with budding food scientists.

Her commitment to developing the next generation of professionals in the food industry marches on. Karen served on the Curriculum Advisory Board that pioneered the Culinary and Food Science degree program at Cincinnati State Technical and Community College. She now teaches a product and ingredient functionality class as part of the program.   This program was the first bachelor-level program to be offered at the school. She has been active in many professional organizations and has been an outspoken champion for women in our industry.

Karen’s retirement is our loss but a well-deserved opportunity to enjoy her many other passions, including cheering-on her beloved Ohio State Buckeyes!   We wish her all the best!

Tate & Lyle Artesa® Chickpea Flour

According to a recent Neilsen Study, chickpea products have seen 23% growth in the US in the past three years. Customers are looking for Non-GMO, project verified, and chickpea products deliver.   For this reason, Tate & Lyle has introduced their Artesa® Chickpea flour.

Ideal for various applications, including salty snacks, pizza crust, and breaded meat analogues, Artesa® Chickpea Flour helps you overcome formulation challenges and give your consumers what they want. It’s gluten-free, contains no soy or wheat, and labels simply as chickpea or chickpea flour while providing these great functional benefits:

  • Neutral taste and color profile
  • Adds protein and fiber
  • Small particle size
  • Highly functional gelling properties

To learn more about Artesa® or other Tate & Lyle products, contact your Skidmore Representative.

NP Nutra Offers New, Organic PlantPWR® Protein Blend

Consumer interest in consuming more plant-based protein is high, and experts predict the demand will only grow. Experts project the market to reach $23.4 billion by 2028, a CAGR of 9.7% from 2021 to 2028.

According to NP Nutra’s website, “Organic plant-based protein products are especially popular with consumers in limiting the intake of harmful pesticides and for the environmental benefits. Our new organic PlantPWR™ Protein Blend can help you take advantage of the growing plant protein trend.”

PlantPWR™ Protein Blend (organic) is a proprietary plant-based protein powder, that combines brown rice, pea, pumpkin seed, and sacha inchi seed to form a complete protein powder that contains:

  • All the Essential Amino Acids, including the Branched Chain Amino Acids (leucine, isoleucine, and valine), are essential in muscle growth, repair, and maintenance.
  • Non-Essential Amino Acids
  • Vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, fiber, and fatty acids
  • 100g powder contains >72g Protein, and approx. 7g Fat and 7g Dietary fiber
  • No fillers, additives, sugars or artificial sweeteners, and non-GMO
  • Organic – USDA, Canada, EU *

Contact your Skidmore Sales Representative to learn more about the new PlantPWR® Protein Blend, as well as all the NP Nutra products we handle.

PureCircle by Ingredion Stevia Solutions Let You Lighten the Product While Keeping the Sweetness

Are you looking to reduce sugar and increase label appeal?  PureCircle by Ingredion may have the solution for your next innovation.

To food and beverage manufacturers, it is no secret that consumers demand less sugar and fewer calories.  Formulators are tasked with delivering ideal taste, texture, and nutritional appeal while achieving consumer-preferred labeling.

PureCircle by Ingredion’s portfolio of stevia flavor modifiers and sweeteners delivers deep sugar reduction solutions.

PureCircle by Ingredion offers category, foundational, flavor modifiers, and break-through solutions for a wide range of applications, including sports nutrition beverages, yogurts, savory products, carbonated soft drinks, confectionery, baked goods, and more.

Visit the PureCircle by Ingredion website to learn more, or contact your Skidmore Sales representative to find the best solution for your next innovation!