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Start-Up Challenges Require Scaled-Up Solutions

In the journey from startup to market dominance, even a single bag of ingredients can pose a formidable obstacle. With Skidmore Sales at their side, one ambitious company conquered their scale-up challenges, met deadlines, and entered the market with confidence.

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Doing What’s Best For Our Partners: Custom, Cost-Saving Solutions For Business Growth

More than 60 years ago, Skidmore Sales founder, Jerry Skidmore built our company on this belief, and this legacy still guides us in every transaction. See how we recently developed a cost-saving solution for our customer that was efficient and easily implemented.

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Bridging Gaps and Delivering Solutions Beyond Excellent Ingredients

Discover how Skidmore Sales resolved challenges, creating seamless operations between a valued food processing customer and an ingredient manufacturer.

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Flexible Solutions Designed for Growth and Peace-of-Mind

Discover how Skidmore Sales & Distributing helped a national snack food producer overcome the challenges of expanding their product lines and building new manufacturing facilities. With customized procurement, warehousing, and logistics plans, we kept the producer on track to reach new horizons.

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Growing Demands Bring Complex Challenges; Skidmore Sales Brings Simpler Solutions

After experiencing the added pressure that using 3rd Party Logistics brought, a Global Food Manufacturer trusted Skidmore to develop a simpler plan for having the ingredients they require on-hand when they need them.

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Solutions, Selections, & Service: Close To Home

Working with Skidmore Sales & Distributing, a national sauce and dressing manufacturer was able to reduce common food industry risks including: managing a number of ingredient suppliers, long lead times, and limited warehouse space. They built a profitable, strategic relationship with Skidmore.

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