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Discover how Skidmore Sales & Distributing helped a national snack food producer overcome the challenges of expanding their product lines and building new manufacturing facilities. With customized procurement, warehousing, and logistics plans, we kept the producer on track to reach new horizons.

As a food manufacturer, you know that there are a lot of moving parts to keep track of each day. From sourcing ingredients to developing new products to getting your products to market, it can be a lot to juggle.

Building a new product line is an exciting opportunity to expand your business and offer your customers new and innovative products. However, it is important to approach this process carefully and thoughtfully to ensure success.

Market research, product development, branding and packaging, distribution, and marketing can be challenging to any team during this time. Building a new manufacturing facility for the new line requires additional planning, investment in equipment and facilities, compliance with regulations, and dedication to quality control and safety. These added priorities can stretch your team very thin.

Fortunately, you’re not alone in this endeavor. Skidmore Sales & distributing has a long-standing reputation for providing solutions that enable our customers to stay focused on growing their businesses.

Skidmore Sales’ long-time customer, a nationally recognized snack food manufacturer, announced plans to add new product lines and expand its manufacturing presence. It wasn’t long before they realized the added strain the plan brought to their team.

Expanding Horizons and Minimizing Constraints

Initially, they contacted Skidmore for assistance in finding essential ingredients for their latest product, with which they had no prior sourcing experience. As the project moved forward the list of ingredients grew. Soon, Skidmore had sourced and developed a plan for every ingredient in the new formulation. Ninety percent of these ingredients were new to the snack foods manufacturer.

Skidmore created a plan to secure the ingredients that we did not manage. In rare cases where it didn’t make sense for Skidmore Sales to provide certain ingredients, we assisted the customer in connecting with reliable manufacturers to purchase the necessary ingredients directly. This ensured that they had everything they needed from the development stage to the scaling-up phase.

The production plant, designed for just-in-time inventory, was not spacious. It was crucial to make the most of every cubic inch to ensure the timely launch of the new line. This was only a challenge in theory. The customer adopted a custom logistics strategy that guaranteed space future manufacturing growth, and earmarked additional warehouse space as the company expands.

Utilizing Skidmore’s robust warehousing network, the company schedules weekly shipments to their facilities with mixed truckloads of ingredients pulled from Skidmore’s inventory. These warehouses are all located within a one-day transit radius. This allows them to only buy the necessary ingredients and receive them as they need, drastically reducing their on-site inventory requirements.

Collaborating with Skidmore made it easier to handle the challenges that come with growth and enabled our customers to concentrate on their core strengths. In fact, our customer had already devised plans for expanding their product line – which are supported by the strategies we had worked on together – prior to the product launch.

Skidmore Sales and Distributing has the expertise and experience to help you find the right solution. With a focus on customer satisfaction and an unwavering commitment to quality, Skidmore Sales and Distributing is the company you can count on to do what’s necessary to keep you focused on growing your business.

One hundred percent of the ingredients needed for the new formulation deck were sourced by Skidmore Sales.

You Can Focus On What You Do Best: Growing Your Business

Using Skidmore Sales as your food ingredient distributor allows you to focus on what you do best: Growing your business! Let us source your ingredients, secure forecasted products, consolidate supply partners, process multiple invoices, and manage & build relationships with ingredient manufacturers while YOU develop the products consumers demand.

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