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Start-Up Challenges Require Scaled-Up Solutions

In the journey from startup to market dominance, even a single bag of ingredients can pose a formidable obstacle. With Skidmore Sales at their side, one ambitious company conquered their scale-up challenges, met deadlines, and entered the market with confidence.

Scaling up production while maintaining product quality and consistency is a daunting challenge for food manufacturers, especially startups. There are numerous factors to consider, from adjusting formulas and sourcing ingredients in larger quantities to ensuring costs remain within budget. This is where Skidmore Sales plays a pivotal role in aiding startup companies.

Skidmore Sales is an invaluable partner when navigating the complexities of scaling food production. We understand the nuances of ingredient behavior in larger quantities and can consult on formula adjustments to achieve desired results without compromising quality.

Moreover, we have extensive networks and sourcing capabilities that new food manufacturers may not access. Skidmore Sales can identify alternative suppliers or ingredients to meet specific requirements, ensuring uninterrupted production even when faced with supply chain disruptions or sourcing challenges.

In the case of a startup food company developing a “better-for-you” snack food for a national pharmacy chain, partnering with Skidmore Sales proved instrumental in overcoming sourcing obstacles. Initially intending to purchase directly from ingredient manufacturers, the company soon realized that some essential ingredients were not readily available.

This is a common scenario where we can fill in the gaps and ensure timely access to essential ingredients.

Skidmore Sales’ proactive approach saved the day when our Account Manager identified an important ingredient with a long lead time due to overseas supply issues. Even though the customer only needed one bag of the ingredient, our representative did not leave the customer to navigate this challenge alone. Instead, we swiftly sourced a suitable replacement ingredient sample and sent it to the customer via next-day delivery. This allowed the company to test the alternative ingredient and develop a plan to mitigate potential future issues. The switch to the replacement ingredient happened quickly, as Skidmore was able to provide the replacement ingredient the next day.

The customer’s trust in Skidmore Sales grew as they witnessed the efficiency and effectiveness of their support. Impressed by the time saved and proactive assistance we provided, they chose to consolidate their ingredient sourcing with Skidmore Sales. This decision not only leveraged Skidmore’s buying power and market standing but also relieved the company of the burden of sourcing, allowing them to focus on scaling their production operations.

By partnering with Skidmore Sales, food companies can confidently navigate the complexities of scaling production. From sourcing hard-to-find ingredients to optimizing procurement processes, Skidmore Sales offers invaluable support, enabling startups to focus on growth and innovation without worrying about ingredient sourcing challenges.

You Can Focus On What You Do Best: Growing Your Business

Skidmore is the ideal partner for food manufacturers and processors who want to preserve their reputation for great tasting products. Using us as your food ingredient distributor allows you to focus on what you do best: Growing your business! Let us source your ingredients, secure forecasted inventories, process multiple invoices, and manage & build relationships with ingredient manufacturers while YOU develop the products consumers demand.

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Our staff of industry experts and position in the supply chain, paired with our strong relationships with the industry’s top ingredient manufacturers allow us to source your ingredients – even the most hard-to-find ingredients – quicker than anyone. The same position allows us to create warehousing and logistics plans that work for your operational priorities. We have low minimum order quantities which will allow you to only order what you need, and develop a plan for future shipments, when you need them.